Architecture & Engineering Design

ESC currently provides design services both as designer of record (DOR) and as a team member in support of other architecture and engineering (A/E) firms.

Our work experience includes site investigations, participation in design charrettes, and completion of design drawings, technical specifications, cost estimates, and performing the post-construction award services (PCAS).

ESC also has experience with Sustainable Design Development. Our aim is to help building owners and operators to be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently through energy and environmental designs (LEED).

Our representative design project experience includes:

  • School Renovation/New Construction (Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental DOR)
  • Network Enterprise Buildings (Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental DOR)
  • General Administrative Buildings (Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental DOR)
  • Food Service Facility Renovation / New Construction (Civil DOR)
  • Gasoline Stations (Civil DOR)
  • Traffic Control Structures (Civil DOR)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design (Civil, Mechanical, and Environmental DOR)
  • Aircraft Washing Systems (Mechanical DOR)
  • Utilities Master Planning
  • Hazardous Materials Abatement Design (Environmental DOR)
  • Radon Mitigation System Design (Environmental DOR)
  • Foundation Design for Buildings, Infrastructure, and Waterfront Facilities (DOR)
  • ESC architecture services in Japan

    We help our clients to achieve innovative and sustainable designs that will improve the impact of the built environment. We consider each project as an opportunity to contribute to enable healthy and cultural lifestyles.

    Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

    ESC has extensive experience providing geotechnical and subsurface exploration, ocean geophysical and bathymetric surveys, and related services to other Architecture and Engineering firms.

    Our team of registered professionals has extensive experience working with Japanese, US, and US Department of Defense standards for this work.

    ESC's representative geotechnical experience includes:

    Geotechnical Investigation / Geotechnical Engineering

  • Shallow and Deep Foundations for Building Structures
  • Storage Tank Foundations
  • Marine and Offshore Structure Foundations
  • Geotechnical studies for large-scale infrastructure
  • Roadways and Airfield Pavements
  • Retaining structures and ground reinforcement
  • Soil improvements and stabilization
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Geosynthetics
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering/Seismic investigations and studies
  • Dewatering and Groundwater studies
  • Quality Control for Deep Foundations (Dynamic and Static Load Testing)
  • Geotechnical Special Inspections
  • Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations
  • Soil Laboratory Testing and Analysis

  • Ocean Bathymetry and Geophysical Surveys

  • Cost Estimating for Dredging / Disposal of Impacted Dredged Material
  • Hydrographic Survey for Construction of Piers / Related Structures
  • Hydrographic   Survey   and   Sedimentation   Rate   Analysis for Dredging Design
  • Geophysical   Survey   and   Seabed   Environmental Sampling for Dredging Design
  • Wind and Wave Analysis for Harbor Structure Design
  • Harbor Magnetic and UXO surveys
  • ESC engineering services in Japan and Okinawa

    We partner with our clients and understand their goals to produce designs that achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, sustainability and safety.

    Environmental Services

    ESC provides a broad and diverse range of environmental and related services as needed to meet client requirements.

    ESC staff have significant local experience and are well familiar with Japan Ministry of Environment (MOE), US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and US Department of Defense requirements to include the Japan Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS).

    ESC's local presence allows us to complete environmental field investigations and other data gathering in a cost effective manner. Our representative environmental project experience includes:

    Support for A/E Project Design

  • Building Hazardous Materials Survey (for Building Demolition, Renovation)
  • Seabed Sediment Environmental Investigation (for Dredging Design)
  • Soil Contamination Investigation (for Civil Design)

  • Environmental Planning

  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Review of Proposed Action

  • Site Assessment

  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Environmental Soil Sampling / Multi-Increment Soil Sampling
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation / Groundwater Sampling
  • Water quality sampling & evaluation water Ph, chlorine, BOD

  • Compliance Testing and Inspection

  • Air Emissions Compliance Testing
  • Drinking and Wastewater Compliance Testing
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Inspection and Testing

  • Environmental survey

  • Archeological Surveys / Archeological Data Recovery
  • Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Endangered Species Surveys
  • ESC environmental survey in Japan and Okinawa

    Each project requires a unique integrated approach and attention to project details to ensure that client’s needs are not only met, but also exceeded. Our experienced team will find the smartest solution for the project and community it supports.

    Construction & Inspection Services

    ESC seeks to provide start to finish services for our clients with construction related requirements. These services include engineering and technical support during construction, both for project developers and construction contractors.

    Our experienced engineering staff and good working knowledge of Japanese and US construction practices, standards, and specifications allows us to act as bridge between project owners and the local construction industry.

    ESC’s representative construction related experience includes:

    A/E Construction Services

  • Building Commissioning Services (TAB, Building Envelope Testing)
  • Post Construction Award Services (PCAS)
  • Title II Construction Management Services

  • Construction Contractor Services

  • A/E Design for Design-Build Construction Contractors
  • Geotechnical and Pile Placement Testing
  • Third-Party Quality Assurance Testing and Inspection

  • Construction Services

  • Construction of Erosion Control Slope Failure Repairs
  • Design and Construction of ESC Owned / Operated Solar Farms
  • Design and Construction of Radon Mitigation System Installations
  • construction services in Japan

    Building for a better society, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for people and communities. We provide a wide range of services which align with your needs; always considering safety and sustainability.

    API Tank Inspection Services

    ESC provides American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard and Steel Tank Institute (STI) compliant petroleum tank inspection services and related inspection and engineering services.

    Services are provided by fully certified in-country tank inspection and professional engineering staff allowing ESC to meet client requirements and expectations in a cost effective and efficient manner.

    ESC’s representative experience in this area includes:

    API Tank Services

  • API 653 Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Inspection
  • STI SP001 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Tightness Testing
  • Underground Pipeline Tightness Testing

  • API services

    In-country equipment and certified staff allow ESC to meet our client’s API and related tank inspection needs in a timely and cost effective basis, and without the need for international travel.

    Commercial Services

    The Japanese business and regulatory environment is both demanding and unique in the world. ESC has a good understanding of this environment and offers specialized services for overseas corporations with operations in Japan.

    Commercial services are tailored to meet the needs of multinational corporations with significant in-country real-estate investments, site development requirements or industrial facilities.

    Services are provided on a confidential basis and include:

  • 3rd Party Review of Environmental and Engineering Transaction Documents
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Soil Remediation / Remediation Management
  • Environmental contingency cost estimates
  • Property Condition Assessments (PCA)
  • Portfolio level environmental consulting services
  • Proposed real-estate use feasibility studies
  • commercial services in Tokyo Japan

    ESC has extensive experience and understanding of Japan’s unique regulatory environment. We help clients address key issues to grow their business in Japan.

    Survey GIS & Remote Sensing

    ESC provides a broad range of surveying and GIS related services. High accuracy GNSS devices and state of the art processing tools and software provide us the means to solve a broad range of challenges.

    At ESC we have the background and experience to aid organizations in implementing and maximizing the benefits of geospatial programs.

    Representative GIS/Remote Sensing experience includes:

    Data Collection & Survey

  • Topographic and Utilities Survey
  • Drone Aerial Imagery Photogrammetry
  • Mobile Data Collection Syncronizing GNSS with Tablet Devices
  • Survey Grade cm accuracy with VRS GPS and RTK GPS

  • Ocean Bathymetry

  • Hydrographic Survey and Sedimentation Rate Analysis for Dredging Design
  • Hydrographic Survey for Construction of Piers / Related Structures
  • Wind and Wave Analysis for Harbor Structure Design

  • GIS Data & GIS Modelling

  • BIM - GIS Migration
  • GIS Based Numerical Modelling of Civil Utilities
  • GIS Spatial & Metadata QA/QC
  • Printed Maps - GIS Migration
  • Spatial Analysis / Geostatistics
  • Thematic Maps

  • Remote Sensing

  • Land Use Mapping
  • Satellite Based Precipitation
  • Satellite Imagery Acquisition & Processing
  • GIS and remote sensing

    The proper use of GPS, GIS, 3D laser scanners, aerial and satellite images, as well as numerical modelling, provide us state of the art tools to deliver innovative solutions for remote and challenging environments.

    Official Development Assistance

    ESC is certified by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as an Official Development Assistance (ODA) services provider.

    As an ODA provider, ESC has joined a variety of organizations and groups, including governments as well as international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private companies, which provide national-level assistance to countries for socioeconomic development.

    We support the integration of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with local regional development policies to ensure national Sustainable Development Vision (SDV).

    Our representative overseas development assistance experience includes:

  • Environment and Social Consideration
  • Human Settlement Plan Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia
  • Institutional framework/Legal framework
  • NCDP - National Comprehensive Development Plan
  • Sustainable Development Vision Mongolia SDV 2030
  • Social Sector Development
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Regional Development Policy
  • Tourism Development Plan for Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia
  • Urban development
  • Official development

    ESC supports Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) programs to reduce disparity between urban and rural areas and resolve urban issues through promoting well-balanced and sustainable development.